Perdue: Beer Can Chicken Beer

Associate Creative Director

Perdue wanted to get summer bbq-ers excited about grilling chicken, so we developed the world’s first and only beer made specifically to use for beer can chicken!

With the help of our friends at Torch & Crown Brewing Co., we crafted Beer Can Chicken Beer, a delicious summer ale brewed with grilled chicken seasonings like honey, rosemary, thyme, and pink peppercorn, helping backyard grill masters make the ultimate beer can chicken using a Perdue whole chicken.  

  • The Webby Awards Nominee and The One Show Finalist
  • The WARC Awards Gold Winner
  • 3 billion impressions
  • 673 earned placements with coverage in CNN, USA Today, Bon Appétit, Washington Times, Food & Wine, People, Men’s Journal, and more

Sold as a 6-pack because there’s nothing better than an ice cold can of Beer Can Chicken Beer to pair with your Beer Can Chicken Beer beer can chicken. ︎