One Word [Series]


One Word is a series created by, and I developed and worked on multiple episodes. One Word is my very favorite series at and the reason why I wanted to work there. Connecting with people and allowing them space to express uncomfortable feelings and talk honestly is what moves me.

When starting a new episode, I would begin by researching the demographic and consulting with relevant people and experts to choose appropriate and powerful word choices. I was responsible for casting and directing talent. We kept crew small for comfort, just me and an audio engineer. I edited each video into a narrative structure, including music. Below are my two favorite episode series I worked on.

One Word: Eating Disorders (people who have struggled with an eating disorder)

One Word: Gay Men

To see more episodes of this series, check out's One Word playlist. Blind People

Creative Producer

Blind People Describe Loved Ones to a Sculptor is a video I developed at I had never worked on anything like this before and am so grateful I was able to. I worked on every aspect of this video from creation to post-production.

Amazon: Holiday Tips [Q4 2018]

Senior Copywriter

We were tasked with creating social videos for Q4 Holiday 2018 that targeted all customers and drove them to our different holiday deal events.

Shopping online for holiday deals is a lot simpler than going in store, however there are still ways to better your shopping experience online. We combined silly tips with actual information for a weird holiday time.

FUN FACT: We filmed these spots in London and our amazing actress is British! I just love her American accent.

We delivered 1x1 and 9x16 versions for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Countdown to Black Friday Week:

Black Friday Week:

Cyber Monday Week: Dirty Data

Creaive Producer

Dirty Data is a series developed by that I helped develop and create. It was meant to be a massive visual survey, revealing unexpected truth, bias, as well as make you question the accuracy of polling and statistics.

I worked on developing creative content, casting, location scouting, and worked with the Technical Director on logistics to ensure camera angles and circle size would work for this project. There was a lot of math, I don’t know he did it (Joanny you’re an absolute genius). I was responsible for hiring and managing production crew to make sure everything went smoothly with so many people, as well as ensuring the crowd didn't get unruly. Also I got to speak through a megaphone (that voice is me!).

Dirty Data: Republicans & Democrats
This episode was done in partnership with The Huffington Post. They shared it on their Facebook where it gained over 6.6 million views.

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Amazon: In Your Head


Prime Now wanted to show the different times of day people might use their services.

As an above average anxious person, I wanted to play with relatable mental spirals to create entertaining narratives that would be memorable on their own, with a surprising yet authentic Prime Now ending. Prime Now is the hero, and most importantly, it's heroic in a real way. ︎