Regina Aletto  Writer | Director One Word [Series]


One Word is a series created by, and I developed and worked on multiple episodes. One Word is my very favorite series at and the reason why I wanted to work there. Connecting with people and allowing them space to express uncomfortable feelings and talk honestly is what moves me.

When starting a new episode, I would begin by researching the demographic and consulting with relevant people and experts to choose appropriate and powerful word choices. I was responsible for casting and directing talent. We kept crew small for comfort, just me and an audio engineer. I edited each video into a narrative structure, including music. Below are my two favorite episode series I worked on.

One Word: Eating Disorders (people who have struggled with an eating disorder)

One Word: Gay Men

To see more episodes of this series, check out's One Word playlist. | ︎alettoissleeping ︎R3G1N4 ︎R3G1N4