Amazon: Prime Day

Senior Copywriter

Ahh, nothing makes me nostalgic quite like the scramble, chaos, and existential dread of the early pandemic. Trying to figure out how to approach Prime Day 2020 during “this time” was challenging and hit many a moral grey area, but when we wrote up a neighborhood scene it just felt right. But can I really take the credit for that one, or was it the 5,294 times I heard “we’re all in this together”?

Working remotely with our partners Hornet was nothing but a dream, especially considering together we produced “a full 360 global campaign delivering 989 assets (TV, OLV, Digital, Social, Radio and OOH) across 11 locales.” (that’s in quotes because I pulled it word for word from my partner Kaleigh’s page.)

Also, when working on sound design we needed a second laugh (for the daughter on Echo Show) and our incredible audio genius John at HEARby asked if we could use mine, so listen close!! I only laugh once every year so that was it, folks. ︎