Regina Aletto  Writer | Director 

Amazon: Low Prices 2021

Creative Lead

Following the success of the Q1 Fundamentals work embracing low prices, my partner Kaleigh and I were brought on to join the team to bring the Q2 work into a mid-pandemic world (we didn’t know we were mid-pandemic at the time, which makes the memories of ourselves back then ~cute). 

Adding diversity in terms of people and story was a huge priority* for this global campaign, so working with the insanely talented and empathetic Director Ally Pankiw was a no-brainer. We ran 30s and 15s broadcast and OLV ads, as well as a full social and radio campaign in multiple global markets (yes, using practically one line of dialogue does help for translation purposes). 

This was the second remote shoot I missed that included baby animals and I started to wonder... why was I inflicting this pain on myself? I made a pact with myself to make up for the agony experienced that every in-person shoot moving forward would have ten different animals in scene, so keep an eye out for my new work! Should be amazing.

*Ask me about it | ︎alettoissleeping ︎R3G1N4 ︎R3G1N4